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I lost my mum on 2 March 2020

It is hard when we lose our Mum. We only have one Mother. Sometimes God will speak to us in our pain, and reach out to us, as He did with Donna from Dunfermline recently: “I lost my mum on the 2nd of March 2020.  While going through her things I found a very old...

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I am a bus driver and hand Gospels out to passengers

 We depend on bus drivers to take us to our destination. It is not an easy job. It is so awesome to have members like Andrew who is helping his passengers get to THE destination that really matters. He writes us from Stockton on Tees: “I am a bus driver and hand them...

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Planting Seeds of Truth Along the Way.

If someone were describing your life…would they describe it this way?- “planting seeds of truth along the way”! We are in a world where truth is hidden, and it is hard to discern with all the noise and distraction. That is what makes Mollie’s communication to us so...

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“I have just started. I am not very good at it.”

Lauree from Pensby writes us: “I have just started.  I am not very good at it. With this lockdown my children and I are trying to share the small books of John in the neighbourhood.  We just pray that God does the rest!” What Lauree and her children are doing is...

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