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“I have just started. I am not very good at it.”

Lauree from Pensby writes us: “I have just started.  I am not very good at it. With this lockdown my children and I are trying to share the small books of John in the neighbourhood.  We just pray that God does the rest!” What Lauree and her children are doing is...

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“I ask the Lord to give me courage”

What might a lifestyle of Biblical evangelism look like? Nikita from Northern Ireland shares: “I like to leave these on park benches in Belfast City so maybe parents will lift one when they watch their child play. When I travel I ask the Lord to give me courage to...

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I am always pleased!

We do many things in the course of our days. Are you pleased with yourself? Fran writes us from Ringwood, UK, and describes a simple habit which gives her pleasure: “I live in the beautiful New Forest and walk there daily in different areas, always leaving one of...

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A Gift of Hope-Please Help Yourself!

Parks are great places to leave Gospels of John. Ruth from Cambridge writes to us:   “During the lock down about 60 Gospels have been taken by people exercising in the local park. We have put out a basket in different locations in the park and at the entrance gates of...

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Discovering Real Gold!

Hi, We have printed millions and millions of pocket testaments in the last 126 years. Every once in a while we receive an inquiry from someone who discovers a very old one. Carol writes to us:   “Hello. In going through my grandparents‘ (both deceased since the...

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Sharing Whilst in Lockdown

Hi,   Selina, from Bromley, Kent writes to us on how she shares Gospels during lockdown:     “I used to work for a Christian Care home, so wish to give the large print Gospels to them in this time of lockdown and will write a special note in each one.    The 'I...

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Many people are desperate…with some it is obvious…with others it is just below the surface. Here is a story about one of our Members which should encourage you to reach out to those who might be desperate, whether it is obvious to you, or not:     Feeling devastated...

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