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Increasing the Spiritual Spark in Your Life

Could you use a new spiritual spark in your life? A sense of renewed purpose and meaning? League member Cindy writes: "The Pocket Testament League and Gospels of John have added a new spark into my life. I have always served God in many aspects since a very young...

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Can the Word of God change a heart?

If we truly believed that the Word of God had the power to transform, then why wouldn't we share it with others? The Word of God is more than just a story. It's powerful and transformative. Sometimes we look for the Church or Christian programming to change the hearts...

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Little Ways to Share the Word of God

Where can you share the Word of God? You may think it's difficult to find the perfect place to share, but it's actually quite simple! League Member Armia, who lives in the Philippines, has some creative places she shares the Word of God! "I praise the Lord for...

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Reaching Those Who are Lost

As you know, the UK has many people who are struggling, looking for hope. How will they find that hope? You can reach them! Tony, a member of the Pocket Testament League from London shares, “Mainly I share the Gospels of John with the homeless because I once was...

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Are you scared silent?

Let’s talk frankly. Are you afraid to share your faith? Most people are. We have surveyed many members, and they have told us that the number one reason they don’t share their faith is fear. What is sad that we really don’t have anything to be afraid about. We have...

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Being Ready to Share the Word of God

You don’t have to travel to a distant country to have an eternal impact on people. You just have to be ready to be used by God. So often we get caught up in the details and think we have to travel around the world in order to do ministry. But, you can share the Word...

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92 Ways to Share the Word of God

There are an unlimited number of ways to share the Word of God with the lost. Here are 92 ideas for sharing that we’ve pulled out of letters and stories our members have told us about: One young lady sets up a table on the beach each week amidst the many tarot card...

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How to Answer Questions and Objections to Your Faith

The fear of being asked a question you can’t answer stops many Christians from wanting to talk about their faith. Many Christians choose to not share their faith at all because they are fearful they might say the wrong thing or not know how to respond at all. You...

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