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When it is crazy out there, it is good to keep our focus

Hi,   What we are going though sometimes feels like we are in a movie…a bad movie! With all of pain, stress, and uncertainty out there, it is good to remember that God is still God, and He is in control.   Many people are worried about their financial security, and...

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I am expanding all the time where to leave these Gospels

Hi,   Your life can have a HUGE impact by just leaving the Word of God in places where you frequently go. Gillian from Edinburgh is a master at doing this, as she writes us: “I leave these around Edinburgh, on the bus, in public places such as the gym. I also leave...

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I have made several clumsy attempts to share the gospel

Hi,   God asks us all to be His witnesses, but we need to remember that God does the saving, not us! Linda S. writes us from Leeds:   “I carry copies with me when I go out so that when the Lord gives opportunity I can pass them on, and I am going to leave copies in...

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