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“I had someone come up to me 4 days ago…”

There is a direct relationship between how many seeds you plant, and the size of the harvest. We get stories all the time from members like Jodi, who writes to us: “I carry Gospels with me everywhere I go. I tell people that I would like to leave them a FREE book to...

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Some men were drinking and smoking.

Audrey writes to us with a simple story that works even in a Pandemic!  “I left copies of the Gospel on a park bench where some men were sitting, drinking and smoking. I went and sat on another bench. After a while one of the men came over with the Gospel booklet and...

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Always ask God where to leave them!

If you want to be used by God to increase the number of believers in the UK, you need to be actively planting the Word of God. Planting looks different for each person- some like to have one-on-one deep discussions; others are more comfortable leaving Gospels in...

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I was so happy! Even writing this now makes me excited!

Sharing the word of God can be a little scary. But when you do, God shows up, and the result is joy and happiness, as you realize that you are being used by God, and are part of His plan for your life! Sarah writes us from Northolt: “So, since I'm about to start...

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Have you ever helped build a bridge?

Have you ever helped build a bridge? Vincent has, and he writes us from Dumfries: “I visited the husband of one of our church members who was dying from lung cancer, in the hospital where he was being seen. (His wife had already died from the same problem.) I gave him...

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