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“I have helped 27 young teens become Christians”

  Hi, The Pocket Testament League was started by a teenager, to help lead her friends to Christ. So you can understand how we smile and rejoice when we get emails, like the one we received from Gregory: “I have used the Gospels to share in many different ways using...

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“God Used it to Open a Door Between Us”

Hi,At Christmas time many of you order Gospels to share. What a gift. Abigail writes to us: “This Christmas I gave my friends the “Best Gift” Gospel of John. God used it to open a door up between us. I was able to talk to a lot of my friends about Christ and they all...

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I want to commit to always carry a Gospel on me, but…..

Hi, Is it OK to always carry the Word of God with you, but not share one face to face? Certainly! Gillian writes us from Edinburgh: “I want to commit to always carry a Gospel with me, but I have not shared one personally yet. Instead I have left them places. I pray I...

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“I received my 1st pocket gospel this Monday!”

  Hi, God might use you to give someone Scripture for the first time in their lives. Connie writes us: “I received my 1st pocket gospel this Monday, while participating in a vendor show to raise money for a food bank! I have recently been trying to find a good fit for...

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