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🇺🇦 Could you share hope with refugees?

It has been 4 months since Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine causing millions to flee. More than 70,000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in the UK and tens of thousands more are expected. Most are women and children who have left their husbands,...

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👨‍👦 Share God’s love this Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches we could have a mix of feelings. Some people are blessed with wonderful fathers, some have dads who caused them pain, and others may have lost contact with their dad or they may have passed away. Did you know that a million UK children are...

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📈 1 in 4

Last week I told you the amazing statistic in the Talking Jesus Report about the one in three non-Christians who would like to learn more about Jesus. This week I want to draw your attention to another exciting finding. According to the report, one in four people...

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📈 1 in 3

According to the recently published Talking Jesus Report, one in three non-Christians in the UK want to learn more about Jesus. I don’t know about you, but that statistic makes me all the more eager to share Gospels with people so that they can discover for themselves...

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👑 🇬🇧 Order your FREE Platinum Jubilee Gospels!

 The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend is just a few weeks away. Flags and bunting will be flying, cream teas will be consumed, and street parties and other events will mark the celebrations. Pocket Testament League supporters across the UK are using this once in a...

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📓 Can I give you a booklet about Jesus?

 Here at the Pocket Testament League we love to hear your stories! Sarah from Kent wrote to tell us about her amazing mum: “My mother uses the Gospels to give to supermarket delivery drivers, neighbours and friends and generally reaching out to her community… She is...

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