God created YOU...

To be a part of His plan to change the world…

…By simply planting the Word of God all around you!

It is time to get started!

We’ll show you how, and equip you with supernatural seed


Why Share the Word of God?

Because no one tells God’s story and His amazing offer of forgiveness and eternal life, better than God Himself.  People need to hear this offer, directly from God!


Planting the Word of God

Is easy and nonthreatening to do (don’t be afraid!)

Is powerful and life changing

Inexpensive, or even free

God will bless you

God is waiting for you to get started


Suggested Action Steps for YOU


Order special pocket-sized Gospels of John that you can easily share anywhere.

Financially sponsor those who want to share, but who don’t have the resources to donate.

Recruit your friends and church to get involved and watch God multiple your efforts.  Think about how YOU might help reach everyone in the UK with the Word of God!

Share your planting stories to encourage others.

Pray for sharing opportunities for you and others.  Pray for open hearts to receive God’s Word.