I am writing to you this week from Ukraine, a nation at war. 
Our partners here have been busy distributing 150,000 Gospels of John to people across the country. 
Pastors tell me that in spite of the conflict churches here are growing and people are hungry for God’s Word. Many are searching for truth as they seek to comprehend what is happening here and are coming to faith in Jesus Christ as a result of the war.
Today, I met with a young Christian man who fled Kyiv with his wife three days after the Russian invasion. He said:
“I now feel alive more than ever before. It is amazing how we experience life more when death is at our door.”
A Pastor from Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine, who has been supporting refugees and visiting the front lines to minister to Ukrainian soldiers told me that there are three things that God has been revealing to those fighting for their country:
“Firstly, life is short. Many have seen the lives of fellow soldiers cut short by bullets and bombs.
“Secondly, God protects them. It can only be God who causes people to escape harm when explosions and bullets devastate everything around us. 
“Thirdly, those who hate die. Only where there is respect for the strength of the enemy do people survive.”
Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. Thank God for those who have found hope in Jesus and pray that many more will have the opportunity to do so in the coming weeks and months.
Thank you to all those who have helped us to share God’s Word in Ukraine. If you would like to support our efforts here then please click below. Any gift, no matter how small, will make a difference for eternity. 
Your brother,
PS. Many refugees from Ukraine have now arrived in the UK. Why not order some Ukrainian Gospels of John to share with those in your community?