It has been 4 months since Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine causing millions to flee.


More than 70,000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in the UK and tens of thousands more are expected. 


Most are women and children who have left their husbands, fathers and sons behind to fight what may be a long and bloody conflict.


While you may not be in a position to offer a place in your home to a refugee, you can offer them some hope. Alan told us:


‘I have Ukrainian families staying locally…I have given some books out and the Gospel brought so much hope to them.’


The Bible says:


‘those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.’ (Isaiah 40:16, NIV)


Sharing hope is easy with our pocket-sized Gospels of John and there are people in every community who are ready to receive them and respond to God’s life changing Word!


We print in many languages including Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi. Order Gospels today and be a hope bearer to many.


In Jesus,



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