Have you ever thought about your spiritual legacy?

We hear often stories of people who were introduced to the Pocket Testament League many years ago, perhaps as a child by a grandparent or a member of their church. It is so encouraging to hear stories of transformation that transcend generations!

Peter W, one of our members from Vale of Glamorgan Wales recently shared his story of spiritual legacy:

“Many years ago I was in Egypt with the RAF. Someone left a Pocket Testament in our barracks, and I read it. During the daytime, I got down on my knees to pray next to my bunk bed and was taunted by the soldiers. Other soldiers came to me in the nighttime, however, and wanted to talk to me about the change that happened in my life.

I ended up with a career in business and teaching and spent time doing open-air preaching in Bradford City Centre. Many came to faith, and several ended up becoming missionaries. One of them ended up going to Zambia for many years and actually translated the Bible into the Lunda language. All of this happened simply by encouraging someone to read a Pocket Testament!”

What a story! To think that because of one person’s faithfulness, many others have come to faith is so incredible.

Andrew H in Catrine GB shares a similar experience:

“We’ve recently moved to another part of Scotland, and it is my intention to give out Christian material to those we meet. I’ve never given out Pocket Testaments, in fact I thought they had ceased. I first received a copy of “Love is the Bridge” 41 years ago. It was my then father in laws wife who spoke to me about the Lord, and at the end of the conversation, she gave me a copy. I Prayerfully hope to do the same.”

Wow! After 41 years, Andrew became reintroduced to the Pocket Testament League and now wants to share with others in the same way he once was shared with!

So this begs the question….What is YOUR spiritual legacy? Our Lord tells us that when we plant the Word of God, we can get a 3,000%, 6,000%, or 10,000% return on our efforts (Matthew 13:8). Maybe today is the day you can start planting the Word of God, trusting Him for an amazing harvest and a spiritual legacy.

The mysterious aspect of our faith is we never know what part of the story we’ll play. For some of us, we’re just the planters of seed. Others are cultivators, watering and caring for the seed, while others of us get to experience the harvest. Every part of the story is needed for life change to happen- thank you for your faithfulness!

Start spreading eternal seed and see what God does! Who knows…maybe one day someone will write a story about the spiritual legacy you left on their life!