Taero Y. from Reading, United Kingdom:

we are sharing our Gospel with homeless people in our Town every Saturday.
To those who have no faith and no hope, we believe Jesus is the only hope who restores their lives.
We build up our relationship with them and give this Gospel until they actually read it.
Among them, we met many who said they read it and had interest in it.
We pray that we may begin Bible study with them through John’s Gospel.

Paula M. from Northamptonshire, United Kingdom:

From the United kingdom — I help out in our local food bank, although I cannot say I have a story to tell as such, I have had the opportunity to give the pocket testament to a customer there, also closer to home each of my grandchildren have a pocket Gospel of John, I have had some amazing discussions with them about Jesus….God seems to be sending people to me. A neighbor came for help the other day and I was able to encourage her and share the Gospel…I also put some testaments in with my Christmas cards and felt happy that the seed had been sown! God will take it from here….

Hannah B. from London, United Kingdom:

Hello Dear Sponsor! My name is Hannah and I work with Youth With A Mission in the United Kingdom. Right now, we are starting work with refugees from Syria coming into Europe. These Gospels will be used to reach Muslims and marginalised people who are in deep need to get to know Christ. We are going monthly to Calais, France to meet with migrants and refugees to share with them God’s love, not only in their material needs but more importantly their spiritual needs. Because I don’t have the finances right now, it has been difficult for me to find New Testaments and Gospels to share with those migrants.
We are also going out to evangelise in the streets of London and these Gospels will be given to those who need it most. Thank you so much for your sponsorship! God Bless You!

Louis C. from CRICCIETH, Gwynedd, United Kingdom:

A few of us, members of Goleudy (Lighthouse) Community Church in Criccieth, WALES, believe the Lord would have us set up a table in the weekly market in nearby Pwthelli to offer a free Gospel of John to passers-by. We shall, of course, be using this to encourage conversation about the Savior and the way of salvation. Hopefully, we shall be needing more of the League’s excellent supplies eventually.

Iain S. from Belfast, United Kingdom:

I find these Gospels of John invaluable in street outreach and children’s evangelism. It gave me great joy to share the Gospel with a child whilst at the NW200 last week and give him a Gospel and in the past when I have been evangelizing with the Gypsies. Such a fantastic tool!