People across England, Scotland and Wales will soon be going to the polls to elect candidates to their local town halls and devolved parliaments.

In the run up to the elections they will be contacted by candidates setting out pledges in manifestos, leaflets and conversations on the telephone a doorstep.

But no matter how hard our politicians try, there will always be those who break their promises and fail to fulfil their pledges.

Election seasons are a great time to share the Gospel. The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 that we serve a God who never breaks His promises and what better way to introduce people to Him than sharing our new ‘Vote for Jesus’ Gospel of John.

You can order yours here and if you can’t afford to make a donation we can send you some for free!

In Him,


Ps: Remember God’s Word is powerful. As you share Gospels expect results