Over the years we have received thousands of stories from people who found a Gospel lying around someplace, picked it up, read it, and found forgiveness and eternal life.
Christopher from St Albans has some good suggestions, as he writes to us:
“I regularly get onto conversations with members of the public or other employees about, faith, Christianity and Jesus, its great to be able to hand them a pocket gospel and talk them through it. Sometimes I leave one in a coffee shop or bench with a little post it note on saying, read me, keep me. They’re great to have to hand.”
Do you have Gospels ready to hand out? If you don’t have them, you can’t share them. These are times when people are searching for truth. Why not order some at www.ptluk.org/order ? We will even send them to you free of charge, if you ask us to.
God is just waiting for you to take action.
In Him,
Ps…if you don’t have post it notes, you can always write something on the cover!

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