The Pocket Testament League was started by a teenager, to help lead her friends to Christ. So you can understand how we smile and rejoice when we get emails, like the one we received from Gregory:

“I have used the Gospels to share in many different ways using various covers. The sports ones ran out the quickest and I have helped 27 young teens become Christians and put their faith in Christ.”

“I would like to thank you for the valuable too that you have provided for me. I wish that I could donate but as a 14 year old money is hard to come by. Thank you again for the Gospels and thanks for the time and effort that you all put in. Sharing my faith is my source of peace.”

The best way to reach young people is through other young people. In fact, you can sponsor other members who cannot afford Gospels, and keep people sharing the Word of God.

You can sponsor others here:  https://members.ptluk.org/code/donate.php?type=sponsorship

You can order Gospels for yourself here. We send pocket Gospels out for free to anyone who asks us! https://members.ptluk.org/code/products.php

Do you have peace? Gregory told us that sharing these Gospels gives him peace. Think about it!

Rejoicing, In Him,


Ps If you come back to our website, www.ptluk.org, and try to log in, you will find that you need to re -register, and re-set your password. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but there are some wonderful things waiting for you when you do!

We now have a Gospel tracking system. When you sign in and order Gospels, you will also receive some unique stickers to put in the Gospels. When we get stories back (and we get thousands of them), the system will automatically send them to the people who are related to your Gospel sharing activity. You will be able to see your impact from your efforts on your unique home page on our website.

When you log in, you will be able to sign up for our Daily Bible Devotional. Over 80,000 people get these devotionals on a daily basis. A great way to think about the Word of God and go deeper in your faith.

When you register, you can read or download our extensive New Member Guide, filled with sharing tips.

When you register, you can download your free and unique Membership Card, which reminds you to Read, Carry, and Share the Word of God.

As you will see, we have been very busy, trying to provide you the best support we can to help you transform the UK by bringing the Bible back!

Check it out at www.ptluk.org

Please let us know what you think about the new features, and please let us know if you have any issues navigating the website.

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