Many people are desperate…with some it is obvious…with others it is just below the surface. Here is a story about one of our Members which should encourage you to reach out to those who might be desperate, whether it is obvious to you, or not:
Feeling devastated and hopeless, Kerri was just trying to get through the day waiting on tables in the restaurant where she worked. Her younger brother had committed suicide. They were very close, and she missed him with a deep aching in her heart. She had attended several different classes to help with her grieving, but nothing could fill the void she felt deep in her soul.
As she cleared one of the tables, she picked up a little booklet that the customer had left with a tip and stuffed it into her pocket.
She didn’t really pay attention, but the booklet was a Gospel of John
with a picture of a rose and the words A Story of Perfect Love written on the cover.
At the end of the day, Kerri put her tips and the Gospel in her purse and didn’t think about it again until much later when it resurfaced one day. She was drawn to open it… and Kerri read the little Gospel booklet over and over again several times. With each reading of the Gospel of John she felt God was soothing and comforting her until she came to the point at which she was moved to pray and accept Christ.
Once she said that heartfelt prayer, it was as if God opened the floodgates of Heaven to her. Kerri’s desire for others to know Jesus became infectious. She had an impact on her family members; and her husband got saved. They both started sharing pocket Gospels. Now she is using the Gospels to teach others to place their hope in God as she had done.
From quiet desperation to an infectious force for the Gospel. All because someone left a Gospel on a table for her to find. What about you? Might you plant some precious seed as you go about your day, and help change the world for the better? You can order Gospels of John (including the Rose cover which reached Kerri) at We will even send them for free if you ask us to.
In Him,
Ps Desperation is all around us these days. God would love to use you to bring relief.