There is something stirring here in the UK!

You would be surprised how willing and open people in the UK are to accepting Gospels when we give them away, especially young people.

Virginia from Surrey wrote in to share her words of encouragement:

“More than ever before, people are taking the Gospels I give them. I am finding the 13 – 25 age group particularly receptive. I approach people by saying, ‘Can I give you something to read when you have time?’ When people ask ‘What is it ?’. I tell them, ‘It’s about the love Jesus has for you’ or ‘It’s John’s Gospel, which is part of the Bible’. There are few refusals. The majority of people are taking them and there are always some who stop for a longer explanation and are willing for us to pray for them.”

I love that Virginia has given us some practical tips on what to say when we share Gospels. If you’re a little nervous, practice on your loved ones!

Let’s be honest, we all have to step slightly out of our comfort zone to stop and hand someone a Gospel and the thought of someone refusing us can be disheartening.

In Matthew 10:14 Jesus warns us that this will happen at some point but He guides us on how to respond by saying that we should leave and ‘shake the dust from our feet’. So if it happens to you, shake it off, and move onto the many other people who will gladly accept a Gospel! 

Be encouraged, order your Gospels today and continue to sow the seed of God’s Word across the UK! Remember, we can send you Gospels for free if you need us to so don’t delay.

In Him,


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