We want to make it easy for you to share your faith in Christ. 


Many people are nervous or timid about sharing Jesus with others. But when you learn to overcome that hesitation, your life is transformed and you discover that it is easier, and more rewarding, than you ever thought!


Gillian from Edinburgh recently wrote in to give us feedback on our Evangelism Boot Camp:


‘Doing the PTL Boot camp is really helpful as a focus and to read inspirational stories. I also saw some videos of testimonies too on the Boot camp course. I have since left a Gospel in a clinic that I attend and I know it was seen…I also left another on the bus. The boot camp has helped me to take the first steps, and I feel that these steps will get bolder. 


‘I plan to take the Gospels with me when I do an English lesson and pray I will have an opportunity to share one with a student. Also, afterwards I plan to go to a park and pray for God to send me to someone…Thanks sponsors, thanks PTL and thanks to the amazing Lord!’


The Evangelism Boot Camp is free. It consists of seven short practical sessions that will boost your confidence and get you sharing. Why not try it? You could even consider doing the course with your friends, church or small group. 


Whether you are just starting out sharing the Word of God or have been doing it years, you may learn something new, so order Gospels and sign up for the Boot Camp today!


In Jesus,


PS. Looking for an easy evangelism idea for your local church, workplace or community? Our FREE Platinum Jubilee Gospels are perfect for sharing!