Pocket Testament League member and Bible smuggler, Brother Andrew, passed away last week at the age of 94.


Andrew dedicated his life to sharing God’s Word with others, no matter the dangers of doing so, behind the Iron Curtain or with Muslim terrorists in the Middle East.


I had the privilege of travelling with Brother Andrew when I worked for the organisation he founded, Open Doors. During one visit he relayed a story about a meeting with a Hezbollah leader in Lebanon.


Andrew had travelled to the war torn country to offer himself in exchange for a Christian hostage but his request was rejected.


During one of his meetings the Hezbollah leader said to Brother Andrew, “You Christians have a problem. You are not following the life of Jesus any more”.


Andrew, who knew that this was a true reflection of Christianity in the West responded, “What do you think we should we do about it?”.


As quick as a flash, the Hezbollah leader answered, “You’ve got to go back to The Book!”.


“He was right”, said Andrew, recounting the tale, “We have got to go back to The Book!”.


Andrew took that message to heart and made it his life’s work to engage as many people as possible with God’s Word so that they could encounter Jesus for themselves.


Help us bring The Book, the Bible, back to the UK. Order Gospels today and together we can fulfil the mission Jesus gave us to complete (Mark 16:15).


Your brother,


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