There are so many different ways to share the Word of God in your neighbourhood! Jonathan writes us from Huddersfield:

“The village where I live has painted rocks during lockdown! I painted a rock with the cross on with John 3:16 verse. Most days I leave one of the John’s gospel under the rock and pray it will give someone hope! I have lost my job due to the pandemic but my hope and trust is in Jesus.

Thank you for the work you do. God bless.” 

Who can paint a rock? Anyone! Who can share the Word of God under a rock? That’s right…anyone who wants to. We thank God for Jonathan’s creativity. Pray that Jonathan finds work soon, and that his Gospel planting will bear much Kingdom fruit.

In Him, 


Ps. You can order Gospels of John at to share in your own creative ways. God will use you in a mighty way! All you have to do is find a rock…and some paint! 😉