How do you participate in a Movement to bring the Bible back to the UK? There are three simple steps, as James from Alfreton writes us:

“I carry a testament in my jacket pocket, and give as prompted by the Holy Spirit.  The last one I gave to a lady at Tesco checkout. Before that I gave one to a man waiting in his car in a car park. Blessings. James”.

Step 1. Simply carry a Gospel with you in a handy pocket.

Step 2. Simply wait on the Holy Spirit to give you a nudge (this is exciting!)

Step 3. Simply give one to someone as God prompts you.

You should include prayer in your witnessing. Ask God to give you those divine appointments. Ask God to open up the heart of the recipient. Ask God to change the recipient’s heart for eternity.

One…Two…Three…You can do it! Please go to and get some Gospels for your pocket. We will even send them to you for free if you ask us to.

In Him,


Ps. You probably won’t ever share the Word of God if you don’t have it in your pocket. It is time to get started, and experience the joy that comes from being used by God.