The beginning of every new year is a great time to take stock of our lives. What do we need to change? How can we be a better spouse? employee? friend? parent? 

This is a good time to reflect on our spiritual life.  Am I really following Jesus? Have I discovered the joy, and the fulfilled life He promises?

God’s way of getting you to that special place with Him happens when you share your faith. We help make it simple and easy. Without fear. In the last four years our members have shared pocket Gospels with over 30,000,000 people, all over the world! That is a lot of presentations of the gospel, isn’t it?

With all of those Gospel presentations we have received tens of thousands of stories from people who have described what happened to them when they shared. How many stories do you think we have received where someone said that this was a bad idea, or that they were embarrassed, or that they regretted sharing the Word of God??

That’s right. None. NO ONE. Instead we get letters like this..Amy from Manchester writes us:

“I love that the Pocket Testaments come in many different languages. I carry English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic with me just in case. I haven’t handed out any Arabic ones yet, but I will be so happy the day I do. I love that I have something to give people. Especially if maybe they are from a country where they may have not had access to getting a Bible. Be bold in offering these Pocket Testaments! God’s Word is more precious than gold!”

Please know that we will send you Gospels for free if you ask us to! Why not order a supply now at www.ptluk.org/order

In Him,


Ps. We have many things to help you. Register as a free member of this ministry ( https://members.ptluk.org/code/signup.php)  and download our extensive New Member Guide, which includes sharing tips. Also take our Basic Training Course (https://www.ptluk.org/basic-training-signup/ ) Praying that this is your best year ever!

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