Our members travel all over the world. Many remember to take pocket Gospels with them wherever they go, so they will be ready when God prompts them. Susan was traveling during some stormy weather in the USA recently, and she writes us:

“I got the very last motel room while traveling to Florida during the hurricane that hit in Louisiana. It was a run down motel that was filled with pimps, prostitutes and transvestites. The next morning when I was getting ready to leave,I saw this transvestite primping on a bench that I passed. She had such short shorts on that I wasn’t sure if she had anything covering her when sitting on the bench. I walked by and didn’t say anything. Then the Lord told me to leave some of the Gospels around. I got some out of my car and left one on the bench where she had been sitting and also one in my upstairs motel room. As I came up the stairs I saw her again with two men – one on either side standing near the rail. I walked up and gave one of the Gospels to the first man and another to the woman. They seemed open to the gifts, and then as I started to leave, the woman apologized to me for wearing such short shorts! I realized then, that these are the people Jesus came for and ministered to! I had been a little scared of them because there was trash all over the parking lot and they seemed hardened on the surface, but then I realized that they needed to hear the gospel, and who knows what they suffered as children to lead them to the life they were living! Now I want to minister to people like that!”

Jesus wants everyone to hear the Good News. It is amazing that by just handing someone the Word of God, they can be convicted without even reading it yet. Susan learned that lesson, and made an impact in just a few seconds!

Most people are going through various storms in their lives. Consider sharing pocket Gospels, and start spreading peace all around you. You can order them at www.ptluk.org/order. We will send them to you for free if you ask us to!


In Him,


Who do you know who is now going through a storm? Share the Word God with them!