Whilst we are all on lock down, you might think that there is little that you can do to share the Word of God. There are many things you can do!  Pauline writes us from London:
“I live in a block of 28 flats. Yesterday I put 10 copies of the ‘Hope’ cover John’s gospels on a shelf in the
entrance hall with a note saying ‘Please take one’. Within 24 hours 6 of them have been taken. They may
have been taken by residents or delivery people. Praise God that His word is going out despite the lock
Pauline truly gave “hope” to delivery people and residents. She kept her social distance! Who might you give hope to? You can order Gospels here : www.ptluk.org/order . We will even send them to you for free if you ask us! 
In Him,
Ps A small effort on your part might change someone’s eternal destiny!