As Christians, we have a responsibility to share the good news about Jesus with everyone, no matter what their background or social status. 

The Gospel is not just for the ‘down and outs’ it’s for the ‘up and outs’ too!

We hear stories from members who share our Gospels with the homeless, the hungry and with prisoners, but we also receive messages from those who are sharing them with people in positions of power and leadership.

Robert from Swinton sent us this message with his recent order:

‘Direct this order to 10 Downing Street, London. This is the Prime Minister’s residence. Also place a note in asking for them to distributed to each cabinet member for their personal reading and devotion.’

The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes (Romans 1:16) – from those on the streets to those in palaces!

Who are the ‘up and outs’ in your community? Why not follow Robert’s example and order Gospels to share with them today!

In Him,


Ps- Think of the impact that the salvation of a national leader could have; it’s exciting! Pray and order your Gospels without delay!