Did you know that you are enlisted into Gods army and have a vital role to play?

We love to hear how people from all walks of life are sharing the Word of God.

Emmanuel from Bulford told us:

‘I work in a military setting and this will be a great resource for me to share the Gospel where it is really needed. Thank God for these pocket size Gospels!’

Psalm 68:11 tells us, ‘The Lord gives the word and a great army brings the good news.’ As a believer in Jesus Christ you are enlisted and you are part of that great army.

The UK needs us to rise up, advance and bring the good news to others so let’s march, shoulder to shoulder, and take this land for our great Commander-in-Chief, Jesus!

God has given His army a weapon, His Word. It is sharper than a double edged sword and contains the dynamite power of God to bring people to salvation.

No solider would go into battle without a weapon so make sure your gun is loaded with the Word of God! Order Gospels here. We ask for a small donation but if you can’t afford it we will send you some for free!

In Him,


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