What a great joy it is to partner with you to share the Word of God. The stories we receive from you are so encouraging! I think you too will be encouraged by Sarah’s note below

Sarah M. from Herne Bay, United Kingdom writes us:

“My mother will be using the gospels to give to Tesco’s delivery drivers, neighbours and friends and generally reaching out to her community. She is delighted at having such a wonderful resource.She is 88 years old and not able to get out much at the moment because of Covid.

As a teacher many years ago she gave her pupils each a Johns gospels , as they were learning and memorising John chapter one for a Christmas production. She wonders how that might have impacted the lives of the children as they grew up!

So very grateful myself also to have this great resource. I was praying for years for good Christian literature to give to strangers. So much easier to approach strangers with ” Please can I give you a booklet about Jesus?” than to speak to them without good literature. Thanks for all you do and the teaching videos on YouTube.”


Anyone, of any age can share the Word of God. As Sarah’s mother ponders how she might have impacted the lives of the children that she taught, you too can have joy knowing that the Word of God NEVER returns empty (Isaiah 55;10-11). Please order some Gospels at www.ptluk.org/order. We will even send them to you for free if you ask us.


In Him,


Ps God can use your faithful, simple efforts to impact lives for generations to come!