Muslims around the world are currently marking Ramadan, a month of prayer and fasting. It’s a period where many Muslims take the opportunity to reflect on their faith and relationship with God and others. 


The most special night of the Ramadan period is the ‘Night of Power’, traditionally observed by Shia Muslims on the 23rd day and Sunni Muslims on the 27th day of Ramadan (i.e. the 24th and 28th April this year). On these dates many Muslims will spend the night in prayer and expect special blessings and divine revelation. 


Over the years the ‘Night of Power’ has been a time when Muslims have encountered Jesus in visions and dreams. These experiences often cause them to be curious to know more about Jesus and be more open to someone who shares the Gospel with them.


Ramadan and the ‘Night of Power’ are perfect opportunities to share Gospels with Muslims in your community so why not order Gospels of John today and help to introduce your Muslim friends and neighbours to Jesus?


Remember, God’s Word is powerful and always accomplishes His purposes so your sharing is never in vain.


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In Jesus,



Ps- We have Gospels in many languages including Arabic and Farsi so don’t let language be a barrier to sharing Jesus in your community!