Here at the Pocket Testament League we love to receive stories from our members.

Michael from Wales wrote to share this wonderful testimony with us:

“I am a street preacher, I was saved from a life of drugs and darkness so I try to go to these dark places with the light of the glorious Gospel. I could share many stories. I will share this one.

I started to preach in the middle of a public square on the steps of a water fountain. A number of addicts gathered so I shared my story and preached the Gospel that saved and transformed me. At the end I asked if anyone believed what I said. One lad put his hand up and said, ‘I believe!’; he was a heron addict. 

I asked did he believe that Jesus could do for him as He done for me, ‘Yes!’ was the reply.

I asked would he get in the car that moment and go to Christian rehab, the reply was ‘Yes!’. He had done his time and now he knows Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

For those who didn’t respond that day seeds where planted by giving Gospels out.”

It’s so encouraging to know that Michael has made it his life’s goal to share the Good News about Jesus and see others transformed. 

When we liberally share the truth of God’s Word you never know when or where that seed will spring to life! 

Order your Gospel seeds to share and let’s reach the lost, one life at a time! We can send you some for free if you need us to.

In Jesus,


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