As bonfire night approaches the shops are filled with fireworks and sparklers it reminds us that one small match ignites a display that will light up the whole sky!

Take a moment to consider how bright the flame of your passion for the lost is burning. Is it burning brightly or is it dim? Perhaps you need a fresh spark?

Verity from Glasgow wrote:

‘I have a friend who is an evangelist and needs his spark back in evangelising. I will give him some Gospels. I plan on going out into town and giving these to people God leads me to give them to. I carry them with me usually so that if a situation arises I can give them out.’

Jesus said, ‘ I have come to light a fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled.’ (Luke 12:49, NIV)

The UK is filled with people who need to see the light of the gospel and experience the flame of God’s love for them. Their hearts and lives are like dry wood waiting for the flame that you can carry to them!

The best way to re-ignite your passion for the lost is to ask God for a fresh spark of enthusiasm, and to share the good news so order Gospels today and begin again to give them away!

As you give away the Word of God your flame for Jesus will burn brighter than before and others will catch your fire so what are you waiting for? Let’s light up the UK with Jesus together!

In Him,


Ps- Why not get a group together from your local church to share Gospels at a local bonfire or firework display?