We are all looking for ways that we can be used by God to share His Word. Monica from Croyden gives us a great example:

“I was on my way home and stood at a bus stop. This young man commented on the shoes I was wearing. It ensued a conversation that went on for over an hour. This young man poured out his heart about relationships problems. Losing his family, giving away his material wealth to his partner, living alone in a single room, and feeling totally dejected. I listened, listened, listened, and when he finished I spoke about where he could find peace in Jesus. I gave him a Gospel with our church address and times of worship. I have not heard from him since but i felt the impact on him just having a listening ear.”

Listen. Isn’t it just amazing what happens when we listen? Remember when Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” ? When we REALLY listen to people, it gives us an opportunity to speak into their lives. That is a perfect time to pull out a Gospel of John, and then let God do all the work. Monica took an extra step by having a custom Gospel that has her church information in it, providing an opportunity for someone to take their next step closer to the Lord.

You don’t have say a lot to spread the Word of God…mostly just listen. Why not orders some Gospels of John to share? (we still have time to get some Christmas themed Gospels sent to you..) You can order them at www.ptluk.org/order. We will even send them to you for free if you ask us! We can also customise them for you, or your church!

In Jesus,


Ps….I love this verse from 1 Samuel 3 “Speak Lord, I’m listening”!