We have all had those phone calls… ‘Hello…Mrs Smith…. Can I ask you who supplies your gas and electricity?’ They often happen right in the middle of a difficult task, like bathing the dog!

But have you ever considered that right there, in the middle of that call centre, Jesus is working and lives are being transformed!

John from Plymouth shared this:

‘I work in a large call centre with many hundreds of staff, many of whom are below 30 years of age and who are open to the Gospel as they are totally unchurched. I have already shared the Gospel with a great many all of whom would have accepted a Gospel of John… Please pray for me as I share these wonderful resources with hungry souls!’

That’s amazing! I know that the next time I receive a sales call I will stop long enough to tell that person how much God loves them!

It’s wonderful to hear from so many of you who are turning your workplaces into your mission field all over the UK!

Jesus is calling us to ‘Go out into the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full’ (Luke 14:23). I don’t know about you but that one call I don’t want to miss!

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In Him,


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