Sharing the word of God can be a little scary. But when you do, God shows up, and the result is joy and happiness, as you realize that you are being used by God, and are part of His plan for your life! Sarah writes us from Northolt:

“So, since I’m about to start school, I’ll leave the Gospels on buses. If, by any chance, God wants me to give them to people directly then I’ll do that too, even if it gets scary for me to talk to them. A few weeks ago, on my mum’s birthday, we went around our area and central London to give food to homeless people and we put Gospels in the bags. I happened to have with me in my bag Gospels in Farsi and there was a man who did not speak English, but I showed him the Farsi gospel and his face lit up. I was so happy! Even writing this now makes me excited, and you know, I thought it was a waste to get the Farsi Gospels but hey, God works! Thank you to whoever sponsored my last order and to who will sponsor this one! May God bless you and reward you double all you give.

Sarah thought it might be a waste to get Farsi Gospels, but our experience over many years is that God never wastes any efforts by His people to share the Word of God. Sarah was able to do this because another member sponsored her order of Gospels. We have many requests for orders of Gospels, where people cannot afford to help cover the costs. Might you like to have a ministry of equipping others to share the Word of God? A monthly donation of just £15 per month will see the Word of God shared (one-on-one) with over 1,000 people in the next three years. You can have a great impact by going here

In Him,

Ps. You can order Gospels to share (including Farsi) at We will even send them to you for free if you ask us!