The UK is filled with people from many different cultures. Many have never had any exposure to the Bible. Lawrence from Ipswich is changing that as he writes to us:

“I’ve been really blessed by the book: “Under their very eyes: The astonishing life of Tom Hamblin, Bible Courier to Arab Nations”. By Deborah Meroff and Tom Hamblin and with a foreword by George Verwer. I think this book would inspire many PTL members. It shows how open people are to being given Gospels and Bibles in the Middle East.”

“Part way through reading it, I was compelled to go to the famous Curry Mile in Manchester where I gave out a Farsi Gospel (the lady was amazed I had one for her on her own language), a Kurdish Sorani Gospel, printed by GBV, and an English PTL Gospel.”

After reading Lawrence’s email, I purchased the book he suggested. What great encouragement it is! Its message is that if you will just make the Word of God available, lives will be changed, even in a tough environment. I think that it is interesting that George Verwer wrote the forward to the book. You may know that George Verwer started Operation Mobilisation (a wonderful ministry with over 3,300 people ,reaching millions!)…but did you know that George Verwer himself came to faith because a neighbor handed him one of our Gospels of John! Never underestimate what God might do through you by simply sharing a Gospel with someone!

If you want to go to the Curry Mile, we have Gospels in Farsi, Arabic, and also English. You can order them at We will send them to you for free if you ask us to!

In Him,

Ps. Praying that you might share the Word of God and put some amazement in someone’s life!