It is hard when we lose our Mum. We only have one Mother. Sometimes God will speak to us in our pain, and reach out to us, as He did with Donna from Dunfermline recently:

“I lost my mum on the 2nd of March 2020.  While going through her things I found a very old pocket testament league new testament bible. They certainly don’t print them like they used to. Inside is a song called Carry your Bible, which lead me to Google and to make a commitment to read my Bible every day. I have been struggling with anxiety and panic so God is answering my prayer and I am obeying. And now hopefully I will be able to sleep peacefully again.”

Mothers who are believers…always pray for their children. Why? They want the best for them. I think that it is wonderful that our Lord answered Donna’s mother’s prayers, by leading Donna to the Word of God. That old pocket testament she found still works! Members of the Pocket Testament League make it a goal of their lives to read the Bible every day, to carry pocket sized Gospels of John with them wherever they go, and to ask God for an opportunity to share them.

Reading the Word of God daily leads to joy, and peace. Why not spread some of that around yourself? You can order pocket sized Gospels of John at . We will send them to you for free if you ask us to!

In Him,


Ps. Any pocket Gospels you share today will still be working decades from now!