When you ask God in prayer for an opportunity to share the Word of God, you are lining your heart with Him, and you will receive an answer to that prayer. It always seems to result in an adventure that helps you realize that you are now truly alive in Christ! Mary from Rhyl, Wales writes us:

“On a trip to visit a friend in Switzerland I had a layover before boarding a connecting flight and was praying, asking God who I should give a gospel to on my next flight.”

“I noticed a woman crying and prayed for her in my heart. I knew God was going to sit her next to me on the plane for me to give her a gospel. So I got on the plane, found my seat and then shortly after she came and sat next to me!! I noticed she was looking at self care and self help resources online which was a sign to me she was searching and felt she was missing something in her life.”

“After plucking up the courage I chatted to her towards the end of the flight and I insisted that she took a gospel as I told her it had changed my life and it could change hers too! Although she refused several times, she eventually took it anyway! Hopefully she’s given it a read by now!”

We thank God for Mary, who was looking for opportunities! Mary did her part. She prayed, she saw God move as the woman sat down next to her, and shared the Word of God. The rest is up to God. How about you? God would love to show up in your life, and point you to people to share with, if you ask Him to in prayer. God can use you to impact someone’s life for eternity! You can order Gospels at www.ptluk.org/order . We will send them to you.

In Him,


Ps. People need the Lord…you can help connect them to Him!