“I just love to be able to share the Word of God because there is power in the Word!” In these days it is easy to feel powerless. We are in the middle of a pandemic, businesses are closed, and our lives are turned upside down. Annabel from Chard, is not letting that stop her. She writes us:

“I always try to carry a Gospel booklet with me when out walking my dogs, and have had opportunities where I’ve been able to give people a booklet or to post a Gospel through a letterbox. I just love being able to give the word of God to someone as there is  power is in His Word, and He promises His word will not return to Him void! I have also been in touch with a local food bank recently called the Lord’s Larder and have offered to provide the Gospel of John booklets on a regular basis to the food bank so that one can be placed in each bag and of course, very appropriately I have chosen ‘Food for your Soul’ and ‘Taste and See’. I have also made contact with a local charity that helps organise activities for those suffering from mental health issues such as depression and my hope is that I can purchase some Gospels using the ‘Hope’ cover so I pray they will be open to this offer. I love the various covers as this opens up appropriate opportunities like these. I also feel that people are not overwhelmed with the pocket-sized booklet which makes it easier to give to someone out walking or put in a bag. I pray that this will encourage them to read the whole bible as they begin this amazing journey with the Lord as we know the Word of God changes lives! Praise be to God always!”

As Annabel shows us, one person can make a big difference. Especially when we are dealing with something extremely powerful. Why not harness some of that power for yourself and impact your community for eternity? 

You can order Gospels of John here: www.ptluk.org/order

Praying that you experience God’s power in your life, and your community!

In Him,


Ps. Acts 1:8 reminds us: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem,  and all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth!”