God asks us all to be His witnesses, but we need to remember that God does the saving, not us! Linda S. writes us from Leeds:


“I carry copies with me when I go out so that when the Lord gives opportunity I can pass them on, and I am going to leave copies in public places for people that the Holy Spirit directs to pick them up and take them.”


“I have made many clumsy attempts at sharing the gospel. I am also seeking direction from the Holy Spirit.  God bless this wonderful ministry.”


Linda has the right approach. She remembers to bring Gospels with her, so that she will have something to share. She also understands that the Holy Spirit will stir in hearts.  We thank God for Linda’s “clumsiness”, and her faith to trust God for the results.


Do you carry Gospels with you when you go out? That is the first step. Please order some at www.ptluk.org/order. We will even send them to you for free if you ask us to.


In Him,


Ps. Trust God to do the saving…you just need to do the carrying, and the planting!


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