Lauree from Pensby writes us:

“I have just started.  I am not very good at it. With this lockdown my children and I are trying to share the small books of John in the neighbourhood.  We just pray that God does the rest!”

What Lauree and her children are doing is actually very GOOD! They are planting the Word of God in their neighbourhood,, and praying that God provides the increase. Isaiah 55:11 tells us;

“My word will not return to be empty, but will accomplish what I desire, and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

When Lauree’s family shares the Word of God…God is promising to take over from her efforts. We can’t save ANYBODY….only God can do that. And He promises that He will accomplish what He desires from her labor.

Lauree may have only just started, but her work is being guided by the Creator of Heaven and Earth….which will return a good result. 

Thank you Lauree. Not only will people get an opportunity to read the Word of God thanks to you, but your children are seeing an example of a faithful believer.

How about you? Is it time for you to get started? We will send you Gospels of John with great joy if you order them at We will even send them to you for free if you ask us to.


In Him,


Ps It’s time to change the neighbourhood!