There is a direct relationship between how many seeds you plant, and the size of the harvest. We get stories all the time from members like Jodi, who writes to us:

“I carry Gospels with me everywhere I go. I tell people that I would like to leave them a FREE book to read, and once they have read it…if they like it….please pass it on to someone else. I had someone come to me 4 days ago and tell me that they were recently saved because of the Gospel that I passed on them. Now they are spreading the Gospels as well!”

Simple. Powerful. Effective! Just give people a free book! God will take your simple efforts, and multiply them for His glory. You can order Gospels to share at We will even send them to you for free if you ask us!

In Him,


Ps You can only share the Word of God if you have some….why not order right now?