Have you considered carrying a pocket-sized Gospel of John with you wherever you go?

Just pick an empty pocket….or maybe even your jacket, briefcase, or backpack? It doesn’t cost you extra to just carry the Word of God with you. And if you are “carrying”, God might use you.

Tammy writes to us:

“I had a Gospel of John in my pocket at work one morning, and one of my coworkers was going through a very difficult time. After a few minutes of talking, I gave her the pocket Gospel. Because of this, she was baptized at our church last Sunday morning.”

Very simple. Very powerful. Very life-changing. Tammy was “carrying”, and God did the rest. God would love to use you to bring hope to people who are going through difficult times. Remember, He does all the work. You just need to have the ‘supernatural seed” with you.

Why not order a supply of Gospels, and simply carry one with you everywhere you go? Say a prayer, and see if God does anything with it?

You might just discover what it really means to be truly alive and part of God’s plan.

Order some at www.ptluk.org/order.


We will ask for a modest donation to cover our costs, but we will also send them to you for free if you ask us to!

In Him,


Ps.. you always carry your keys, your phone, your wallet…why not carry the most powerful thing on this planet with you wherever you go? www.ptluk.org/order

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