Gambling addiction is a growing problem in the UK.


Online gambling and TV and social media adverts encouraging people to take a bet are everywhere and many have fallen into the trap and are unable to get out.


Problem gambling can ruin relationships, destroy people’s finances and undermine people’s mental health to the extent that some have even committed suicide.


But the good news is that ‘…if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed’ (John 8:36).


Anthony from Whitchurch told us:


‘I’m a pastor and street evangelist. I got saved from drinking, smoking and gambling 28 years ago. I got ordained in 2000.’


If you want to reach people who are struggling with addictions then why not give them a Gospel and introduce them to Jesus. He has the power to set the captives free!


You can order Gospels here and we can even send you some for free if you ask us to!


In Jesus,



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