As Mother’s Day draws near the shops are filled with cards and flowers, little tokens to remind our mums how much we love and appreciate them.


Mother’s Day can bring a mixture of emotions. Maybe you lost your mum or perhaps your own example of a mother was not all you would have hoped. You may even long to be a mother yourself one day.


The bible tells us that God knows the heart (see Luke 16:15 and Acts 15:8). His love for each one of us in all-encompassing and deeply comforting.


Mother’s Day will always be a memorable day for Lisa who wrote to tell us her testimony and why she is sharing Gospels:


“I’m 49 years young and I gave my heart to Jesus on Mother’s Day last year. I have witnessed God’s love first hand after my brother had a very bad road traffic accident. I want to spread the word among friends and family now.”


Let’s make this Mother’s Day one to remember by sharing the wonderful love of God as far and wide as possible. If your mum does not yet know Jesus then give her a Gospel alongside her card, it could change her life forever!


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In Jesus,



Ps- Easter will soon be here so don’t forget to order our Easter booklets to share in your community!