We do many things in the course of our days. Are you pleased with yourself?

Fran writes us from Ringwood, UK, and describes a simple habit which gives her pleasure:

“I live in the beautiful New Forest and walk there daily in different areas, always leaving one of these Gospels on the various resting places. Returning the next day, I’m always pleased to see they have been taken, and sit and pray for that person(s) whoever or wherever they are and leave the rest to God!”

Fran has learned to carry Gospels with her, to leave them in resting places, to pray for the person who takes the Gospel, and to leave the results to God! This is a great formula for joy and spiritual fruitfulness. Why not try something like this yourself? You can order Gospels of John to leave places at www.ptluk.org/order. We will even send them to you for free if you ask us!

In Him,


Ps. Remember, God does all the work, He simply wants us to plant seeds!