Grandchildren are a gift from the Lord, and grandparents are a gift to their grandchildren! 

The pandemic has been particularly hard on grandparents. Many haven’t seen or hugged their grandchildren for months and catch ups and story times have been virtual.

The greatest gift we can give the next generation is not our time or worldly riches, it’s a legacy of lasting faith, and grandparents are uniquely placed to introduce their grandchildren to Jesus.

Janice from Doncaster wrote to tell us how she is using our Gospels of John to encourage faith in her grandchildren:

‘I will give Gospels to my Grandchildren. Some of them live in Scotland so I do not have a close relationship with them but I would like to start and have some input into their spiritual lives. I have just recently found out they are not taught about Christianity in school and didn’t know the Lord’s prayer…’

Like Janice, we can make deposits to nurture faith in young people and, as we walk in God’s ways and remain obedient to Him, He promises to lavish His unfailing love to a thousand generations (Exodus 37:7)!

That’s the kind of inheritance I want to leave behind! Order your Gospels here so you can share your faith with others.

In Him,


Ps- Anyone can share their faith by using our Gospels. No matter what your age or where you are order Gospels and start today!