The lead up to Valentine’s Day can be difficult for those who have lost a spouse, loved one or are single. Red roses and Valentine’s cards fill shops and can leave people feeling lonelier that ever before. 

But no one ever has to feel alone. We can all experience the gift of God’s unconditional love and companionship.

This Valentine’s Day why not give others a gift they will never forget?

Avi from the UK wrote: 

‘I plan to give these Gospels to people because I wish and hope all people see the love of Jesus clearly. I want everyone to know His perfect love.’

Why not buy a dozen red roses and give a Gospel away with each one? No lady has every refused flowers. How about that exhausted Mum at the supermarket checkout with young children, or the sweet old lady you see each day going into the Post Office?

Want some Gospels in time for Valentine’s Day? You can order them here. We will even send them to you for free if you ask us!

In Jesus,


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