Car keys, wallet, phone….and Gospels!

Don’t leave home without one! Why not see how creative you can be? The stories we receive from you are so encouraging. James, from Milton Keynes told us:

‘I always have a Gospel on me. I ensure a few are either in my coat pockets, backpacks and bag style carriers. I’ll find an opening someway and offer to gift one to people in order to bring hope, and then let the Spirit do the rest.’

We want to encourage you to try this. You could even share the fun by inviting a friend or your church to join you in the challenge. 

Order some Gospels here and ask God to create opportunities for you to share them! As you sow the seed of God’s Word, His Holy Spirit will cause it to spring to life! 

We can’t wait to hear your stories!

In Jesus,


PS. Want to see the impact of your sharing? You can track it with our stickers. Find out more here.