In the last two years, we rejoice that over 10,000 people  (including you!) have joined our movement to bring the Word of God back to the UK. The stories are pouring in from all of you, and are very encouraging!
As you know so well, these have been very difficult times for the NHS, as they deal with this pandemic. Thankful to receive this from Sam from Dudley:
“I work in the NHS. Having recently come to faith in Christ I want to share the good news with everyone I meet! Every day the NHS saves lives, however no-one seems to care about their soul. I want to change that.”
Sam has learned that the most important health we have…is spiritual health. Where we spend eternity is the most important thing we can achieve while on this planet. So thankful that Sam is making a true difference  in many lives.
You too, and help save lives, and impact someone’s eternal destiny. Why not order some Gospels of John to share with those people the Lord brings into your path? You can order them here We will also send them to you for free if you ask us to!
In Him,
Ps. It is time for all of us to save lives…for eternity!