As 2022 starts I am reminded that Jesus makes all things new.


When we encounter Jesus as our personal Saviour for the first time we experience an inexplicable joy and become new creatures in Christ, putting off the old and putting on the new!


Once we experience this new life in Jesus it is impossible to keep it to ourselves and share what we have found with others.


Jennifer recently wrote to us, she said:


‘I get so much joy from passing these out to even getting them in the 💌 what a joy it is to spread the word of Jesus.’


In Romans 4:17 the Apostle Paul tells us that the Kingdom of God is…’righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.’


Why not take time this week to order Gospels and share Jesus with others?


As you share, you too will encounter the wonderful joy that Jennifer and thousands of others in our movement experience as we read, carry and share the Good News across the UK.


In Him,



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