Schools across the country have been closed for most of the last year but thankfully most children are now back in their classrooms.

Schools provide young people with an education and introduce them to friends.

Did you know that the Pocket Testament League was started by a teenage girl in Birmingham, Helen Cadbury, back in 1893! 

Helen shared Gospels with her school friends to introduce them to Jesus and together they committed to read, carry and share the Word of God with others. 

Here in the UK teenagers are still following in Helen’s footsteps! We were inspired to hear from Sarah from Northolt who told us:

‘I’m continuing to put Gospels on the bus when I go to school. At school, I gave a friend of mine a Gospel…’

God is working in the lives and hearts of teenagers across this country to plant the seed of God’s living Word into the hands of others and if Sarah can share Gospels then you can too! 

Whether in school, college, your workplace or at the shops, the opportunities to share are endless. Order Gospels here today!

In Him,


Ps- Remember, Easter is a great time to share and we can even send you Gospels for free if you can’t afford to make a donation!