If you want to be used by God to increase the number of believers in the UK, you need to be actively planting the Word of God. Planting looks different for each person- some like to have one-on-one deep discussions; others are more comfortable leaving Gospels in places for others to discover them. Both ways work well!

Patricia from Coleraine has the right idea when she writes “Always ask God where to leave them, and to bless those who lift them.” When you involve God in the process, you will do a mighty work, and have a big impact. Patricia shares:

“I usually left my wee gospels on trains or buses if traveling by public transport, plus cafes.

However since lockdown I have left them on benches or where flower displays were. A fortnight ago I took my last 6 and left them in places along the river walk a short distance from me. I left some inside where the life rescue equipment is, plus on trees and seats. Always ask God where to leave them and to bless those who lift them. I also wrap them in plastic so they don’t get wet and write, “A gift” and a little note on the inside with my name.”

Over the last 125 years, we have received thousands of stories from people who have found Gospels in strange places (park benches, bus seats, trash cans, literature racks, waiting areas, etc), and have had their lives changed for eternity. Why not use just a little effort and make a big impact on someone’s life? You can order Gospels to share at www.ptluk.org/order. We will even send them to you for free if you as us!

In Him,


“Always ask God where to leave them and to bless those who lift them!” Your effort can change the world.