With 2022 just days away many of us will be thinking about making a New Year’s resolution.


Some will want to lose some weight and take more regular exercise, and many Christians will be wanting to pray and read the Bible more regularly.


But in spite of the good intentions, many resolutions will fall by the wayside withing days or weeks.


Research shows that when we are accountable to another person we are more likely to follow through on our resolutions so I want you to take up a new challenge for the New Year…


Why not find a friend, order Gospels and commit together to sharing God’s Word with someone every day of 2022? 


‘The Lord…sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit.’ (Luke 10:1, NLT)


As you embark upon your faith sharing adventure together we will be praying for incredible results!


In Jesus,



Ps- We can send you up to 30 Gospels for free to share every month if you need us to so what are you wating for? Order Gospels today!