The things that make us human continue to march on, in spite of the Virus. Rachel from Ebbw Valle shares with us how she was able to reach out to a neighbour in the middle of lockdown:

“A few weeks ago a neighbour died suddenly, and I included a copy of the Finding Hope Gospel with the sympathy card to his wife and family. Last week his widow came to ask about Jesus and we had a lengthy chat (socially distanced because of Covid-19) about how wonderful God is, how much He loves us, and the difference knowing Him can make in our lives. Please pray that these conversations will continue and she will come to know the Lord as her Saviour.”

Rachel was showing neighbourly love, but the Gospel she included in the sympathy card triggered a spiritual conversation, that might otherwise never have happened. All Rachel did was show some love, and plant a seed. God took over from there.

When you notice pain in someone’s life, how might you reach out to them with the Word of God? Why not order some Gospels for yourself to be ready to be used by God? You can order Gospels at We will even send them to your for free is you ask us!

In Him,

Ps People all around you are in some kind of pain. How might you reach out to them, and impact their lives for eternity?