This year many celebrations will be taking place across the UK and Commonwealth to mark the Platinum Jubilee of our Queen.


Royal celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to gather together as communities! Everywhere from shops to schools and highstreets to hospitals will be decorated with Union Jack bunting and festooned with flags!


Debbie from Gloucester wrote to tell us her plans to use our FREE commemorative Jubilee Gospels:


‘We are looking to have a Street Party and a service of celebration for our Queen over the Jubilee weekend. These Gospels will be lovely to give out.’


We are blessed to have a wonderful Queen who has served us over these 70 years with dignity, integrity and godliness. 


‘When the Godly are in authority, the people rejoice!’ Proverbs 29:2


Whether you are having a street party or celebration service like Debbie or gathering together with your family, work colleagues, neighbours or friends, order your own FREE Jubilee Gospels to share as memorable gifts in your communities and use this opportunity to share the good news about Jesus – the King of Kings! 


In Jesus,


Ps- Easter is also a great opportunity to share the Gospel. Check out our Easter Gospel kits!