The Key to Life Large Print (NLT Gospel of Mark)

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Large-print edition of our booklet of Mark’s Gospel, including additional help pages in the back explaining how Jesus is the Key to Life.

Size:  A5
Translation:  New Living Translation (NLT), British.
Quantity:  10 per pack

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Large-print edition

Mark, the earliest of the gospel accounts, grabs our attention in a way that’s hard to ignore.  Telling the life-story of Jesus with immediacy and verve, it challenges us too, to become His disciples.

This edition is in a large-print format and uses the latest text in the New Living Translation, under licence from Tyndale House.  Our extra help pages at the back explain how Jesus is the Key to Life, and provide clear and helpful guidance, especially for those meeting Him for the first time.

This A5 booklet, high-quality booklet is ideal for helping to start one-to-one conversations about life and about the Christian faith.