Where can you share the Word of God?

You may think it’s difficult to find the perfect place to share, but it’s actually quite simple!

League Member Armia, who lives in the Philippines, has some creative places she shares the Word of God!

“I praise the Lord for everything that He is doing. He is awesome! There are a lot of ways to share a pocket Gospel. Leave them in the grocery stores or mall, public places, ATM machines, cars that are parked, public transportation, give them to people and give them to the cashier whenever we’re paying the bills. We have to be sure that we always bring Gospels with us whenever we go outside. It’s just a little thing that we can do for God but He surely will be pleased.”

Armia knows that before we can ever share the Word of God, we must have it with us. Thankfully, you don’t have to carry a huge, full-size Bible with you everywhere you go. That could get heavy! Instead, simply carry pocket-sized Gospels of John!

If you are still looking for some creative places to leave a pocket-sized gospel, we’ve compiled 92 ways to share. These all come from other members of the League who have successfully shared the Word of God with others.

Where do you share the Word of God? Let us know in the comments below!